Low Cost Budget, but want professional interior designing?

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At Samay Innovations we work according to our client’s budget. Even if you have a low budget then you will also get professional interior designing ideas for your home, office, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. 

#1 Lights! Style! Action!

Lights are simply fitted to brighten up the room, the room can earn a stylistic look with the sculptural luminaire. The great way to achieve warm lighting and sterling aesthetics in a single shot! The fixtures with character and artistic accents. At the same hand, ensure they hold enough bulb holders to justify the size of your room. The fixture with three or fewer lights works well for low spaces while chandeliers with multiple arms spread light evenly across the room.

#2 Hold On To History 

We know, old is gold and that for good reason! The family heirlooms, old China, oil portraits and even your weird childhood sketches must always find a room or wall for themselves. Pick something that works together, belongs to the same aesthetic and color scheme, and look glamorously global too! A coordinated collection of accents adds life to a wall giving your space a gallery-esque finish. 

#3 Tick The Textures 

Consistency is boring especially when we are talking to home interiors. Selecting themes and employing various textures to blend in with all elements in play. A sheepskin rug under your center staged furniture, a chalkboard finish to jot down recipes or an artificial grass carpet background for your bar counter will play up the look and feel of your home interiors. 

#4 Shape It up! With Mirrors 

Mirrors are more of an artistic statement currently. How else will you brush your hair or check out that cocktail dress before stepping out? Round mirrors make more of a regal sayings than square ones, so glam out your walls with some glass! Same as kitchen cabinets look way classier with smooth finishes and clean lines than the daily wooden ones. Mirrors are budget-friendly design items and look amazing too! 

#5 Mind The Symmetry 

A well designed home is one without imperfections in its basic layout. Be very careful about symmetry even when you are increasing accents and accessories you like all around the home. Symmetry in decor and design will give your house the perfect class it needs. 

#6 Mute The Paints 

Paint is essential, wallpapers are in! Why not give home a premium look at a fraction of the cost? Also, the best thing about wallpapers is that they can be changed as per your will. Your home gets a new look each time your heart desires it! 

#7 Spice Up The Bedroom 

Smarten up your bed headboard, go for a finer designed wardrobe and widen up the windows in your bedroom to let some sunlight through! These little things go a long way to make the bedroom eye candy for your guests. Trust Samay Innovations, you will be the talk of every town and very soon! 


That’s it, there you have it! These seven little things are enough to make your new place absolutely gorgeous and magazine-worthy. Next time you will get kudos for a well-designed home! Share your ruff ideas with Samay Innovations, tell us your budget and we will make sure to complete your dream home within your budget!