The professional process followed by the ‘Samay Innovations’

There is a specific process that we followed in each of our projects, because having a standardized process is essential in the interior designing field. Having a perfect process will ensure that the project will complete within the time we promised to our clients and within their budget. The following is the complete process followed by the Samay Innovations 

  • #1 Meet & Agree 

The very first step is meeting with the client. During the first meeting with our clients, we firstly introduce them to our brand and show them our completed project’s images and ask them their requirements. We believe in making our client’s dream come true, that’s why we always start with our client’s requirements on each project. According to their requirements and their budget we prepare a basic plan on which if they agree we will proceed further. 

  • #2 Idea & Concept 

The second step is giving them a proper idea and the concept that we will apply to complete their project. As we show the basic idea to our clients, now we explain the concept that we selected for their project. After their approval we started the actual work. We believe in transparency, that’s why we discuss every small detail including the brand of the company, durability of raw material, lighting we install in their place, etc. We work on transparency and trust motto; thus, our clients know every small detail of their projects. 

  • #3 Design & Create 

The next step is to prepare a design and create a 3D look of their house. We design our client’s house, office or commercial place as they dream! In the third step, we ask our client to approve the final design which is a 3D design so that we start work according to their feedback. We did not do a single thing without our client’s approval so at the end they will get complete satisfaction from us. 

  • #4 Build & Install 

In the final step, we start work on the particular project. And complete a particular project within a committed period of time. Our staff is our strength and we know their capability and mastery is enough to complete any project within a committed time, and that is what we are famous for. 


These are the four basic steps that we followed in each of our projects, no matter what your budget is! Even if you have a low cost budget, Samay Innovation still follows this standard procedure and informs you of every small change that we did in your interior designing plan. Samay Innovation is the only interior firm that works with the perfect transparency that’s why our clients never regret hiring us! If you want us to prepare a perfect house interior design for you, then let’s connect further.