Small Space? Don’t worry, ‘Samay’ has wonderful ideas for you!

Designing a small space is like an impossible puzzle, right? I guess you said ‘Yes’ but the duo Seme Nadvi & Samay Innovations said “A Biggest No!” Too much furniture in small rooms is not good right? But having smart furniture is more than enough then you thought! Here are the some ideas to design a small space;  

#1 Keep The Floor Clear

Designing the interior in a small room that won’t allow you to even walk in a room that means nothing, so try floating pieces like shelves and nightstands that allow you to keep the floor clear and look amazing also. Moreover, it increases storage space too. 

#2 Go With Folding Pieces 

Many of you need a study table and dining table, but do you actually need that kind of furniture 24X7? So, whenever you need to open up the study and dining table and after completion of your work fold it. This saves your space and looks smart in your small space apartment or home. 

#3 Focus More On Lightings

Whether you have ample space or a small one, lighting is the most essential thing that you have to take care of. Small spaces can often have a small or no window, which end up with the darkness in a bedroom or living room. Having natural shade of lights provides relaxing scenes in your small sized apartment. According to the heights and size of your bedroom and living room you can choose hanging or table light or rope lights for your house.

#4 Don’t Forget Mirrors Are Your Friend 

Mirrors help make the space feel bigger than the actual. Adding a large sized mirror will help you to feel the bigger size and will also look good. So never forget to add mirrors. 

#5 Choose The Right Rug 

The rug is one of the things that will definitely not neglect your attention, don’t want to skimp on, size wise. A tiny rug will make the room feel equally small. Pick a floor covering that’s large enough so most of the furniture will sit on it, or go wall-to-wall. 

#6 It’s Okay To Go Bold 

Having a small space doesn’t mean that you need to keep it white or colorless, you can still use the bold colors for the walls, according to the size of your apartment. Darker shade of the color on the wall makes you feel like you are living in a jewel box. 

#7 Keep It Cohesive 

There are so many things to look at while having a small space, so ensure that you check everything! Stick to a limited color palette, whether it is light and airy or dark and dramatic. Looking at items with a designer’s eye will ensure that you are on the right track to design your small space apartment. 

#8 Find The Pieces That Earn Their Space 

Find the pieces of furniture that will also be used as storage so you can have a space to keep your things stored. For example, Opt for a bed with built-in drawers or benches and ottomans with space to hide extra blankets or sweaters. Moreover, you can also set a sofa-come-bed with storage space. Thus, in a small space you can have smart furniture which also looks good. 

#9 Let The Furniture Breath In A Room 

Do not set too many furniture pieces in a small sized bedroom or a living room. Instead you can set only the needed one with a unique shape and color space, which doesn’t consume much space and also keep the walking space for you. 

#10 Play With Scale 

Each apartment, whether small or a big size has a particular scale, so while choosing any kind of furniture ensure that you know the actual size of your bedroom, living room, balcony, bathroom, etc. This allows you to choose the furniture wisely. 

The Gist 

So, having a small space doesn’t mean an impossible puzzle! At ‘Samay Innovations’ we have various ideas other than this to design your small space apartment or house according to your choice. Contact us today, and solve your puzzle of small space designing asap!